Our Success Stories

The Miracle of Mustard Seed Ranch

The Miracle of Mustard Seed Ranch is the use of animals in a faith-focused program that helps youth break the cycle of abuse in their lives and experience unconditional love for the first time. The life changing experience helps these kids reestablish relationships through developing bonds of forgiveness and trust, which serves as the foundation for their healing, ability to belong, and faith knowing the future holds hope and a purpose.

Rachel’s Story

Whispering in his ear, Rachel confided to her horse what had happened when she was nine years old. She was traveling in Arizona with her family, when her dad pulled over at a gas station. Rachel decided to go to the restroom...
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David’s Story

David was withdrawn. He resisted communicating with anyone, and when he did, he was aggressive. After learning about how to handle the horses, David was asked to start brushing a horse. The task usually takes 15 minutes, but David kept at it...
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Justin’s Story

The horse pulled back his ears, a sign he was clearly upset. Standing face to face in the middle of a large pasture, the horse sensed Justin’s aggression and anger. Justin, a big kid who just turned 14, took a few steps...
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