Mustard Seed Ranch

Providing traumatized youth a safe environment for hope and healing.
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“Thank you to our Sponsors, Supporters, and Volunteers for making this the most successful MSR Golf for Youth Tournament to date! Your generosity will allow Mustard Seed to further its mission of bringing hope and healing to countless kids who are able to focus on a brighter future thanks to you.

Please check back soon for fundraising results, photos from the event, and registration information regarding our 20th Anniversary Golf for Youth Tournament.

Thanks again for your generous support!”

About Our Program

Mustard Seed Ranch intentionally connects struggling youth and horses to be the catalyst in changing unhealthy patterns of behaviors and offer healing through the relationship of a horse.

Our Mission

Mustard Seed Ranch, Inc. provides programs that encompass the power of the horse and human connection promoting hope and healing for our most vulnerable youth.

Our Vision

Building compassionate communities by instilling hope, promoting well-being, and eliminating generational trauma.

Our Values

  • Community:  those we serve and those who serve with us
  • Relationships:  exercising integrity in recognizing the worth of and respect for all persons
  • Well-being:  promoting secure and confidential environments that promote physical, emotional, and spiritual health
  • Evidence-based practice and outcomes:  the guarantee that our practices are measurable and effective for those we serve

“Did you know, horses can hear a human heartbeat from 4 feet away?  When in a herd, they synchronize their heartbeats and if one horse’s heartbeat goes up, they know there is danger.  This is why it’s commonly said that horses can sense your fear.”

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